Switching over from another system? We've successfully migrated lots of systems and can help you switchover without a hitch.

Outcompete with the most complete compliant delivery system.

Give your customers a better end-to-end experience fully branded as yours. Get the best tools for operators, dispatchers, and drivers, all in one place.

Compliant Delivery — solved.

Drivers can safely and automatically update delivery status and customer updates from their own mobile app. You always know where your fleet is.

custom-branded online store

Give your loyal customers the VIP treatment.

Establish a digital customer relationship from discovery to delivery with your own online shop. Give customers exclusive deals and let them place delivery orders from anywhere.

live orders dashboard

Stress-free delivery orders.

Anyone in your office can manage drivers and orders with a single page. Updating status and orders is effortless.

LogicKit puts you in the center of your business.

Leverage the power of LogicKit and easily manage your delivery ops with operational excellence baked into your software.
Grow with Delivery

Operate with efficiency, so you can serve more customers. A happy customer is a customer for life.

Delight Loyal Customers

Build loyalty with personalized promos to your customers based on their preferences and your inventory combination.

Partner-level Support

Audit Logs and Compliance Reports for your delivery orders ensure you stay compliant and prepared for any audit.

Delivery software that delivers.

Trim costs, boost sales, enable delivery.
100% compliant. Try it risk free.
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